“Good storytelling reaches down deep into our minds, hearts, and spirits—it connects the humanity in all of us. Through storytelling elements we can craft stories about life, experiences, and understandings into being very real for others. Good storytelling lets our students be deeply heard and honored. And those are the stories that need to be told!”
- Bernajean Porter

It’s All About The Kids

My Story Matters is dedicated to helping students of every age, and even adults, learn that it’s truly the journey we walk that turns us into the heroes of our own story. With that knowledge, we can find the strength to face our own unique challenges and come out empowered to take the lead in their story. This curriculum is specifically designed to teach each person that they are the hero in their own story.They will learn how super powers, challenges, sidekicks and foes can help them do amazing things in their life. The decision is completely up to each person.

Twelve years ago, we began developing an SEL curriculum to help educators empower students to be the hero in their own story. This curriculum was written by teachers, for teachers. It's CORE aligned, evidence-based and empowers every student with tools they need now more than ever. Best of all, it works! Principals around the nation are implementing our curriculum on a classroom, grade level and even school-wide basis leveraging available state provided funds to aid in the Social Emotional Learning (SEL) focus this year. Built to be online or classroom based, it works very well in the blended format and has proven to be a win-win for parents, teachers and students.This transformational program has changed the life of over 4,000 students (and growing!).

My Story Matters, composed of educators, parents, and students, is committed to unleashing the hero within each of us. The Claim Your Story curriculum gives teachers the opportunity to unlock the superpowers of the next generation of leaders.

Standards We Live By

Commit. We commit to uplift, inspire, and edify individuals to own the creative power within them to write their own stories and discover strength, hope, and healing in the process.

Craft. We craft templates, programs, story development processes, and books using evidence-based research, narrative theory, defined creative principles, and superior workmanship to inspire transformation.

Community. We build a community where people tell individual stories---from seemingly different cultures, languages, religions, ethnicities, socioeconomic conditions, and life experiences---only to discover and empathize with the universal humanity in each of us.

Claim. We claim individual voice as the foundational expression of being and agency.

Collaborate. We collaborate with individuals to tell their stories by honoring their voice, engaging them to reflect, recount, record, and reframe their story, and then encourage them to be conscious authors of their own journey.

Compassion. We carry the process of telling one’s story and the stories themselves to families, communities, and institutions in widening circles of compassion, understanding, and empathy.

Coach. We coach, assess, and improve theory and the process of transformation through conscious self-evaluation to enhance outcomes and impact.

Cycle. As stories are created in cycles, we write and rewrite our transformational narrative cyclically to embrace new thoughts, conscious creation, and change.